Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungles of Nepal are known as the wealth of this beautiful country. A country full of diverse landscapes and climates, Nepal is home to more than 6000 species of plants out of which 245 are found only in this country, 850 species of birds and 185 species of mammals. There are a total of 16 national parks and wildlife reserves which occupy 16% of the total area of Nepal. The presence of 118 ecosystems, 75 vegetations and 35 forest types is what has made Nepal the nation which thrives on Tourism. Hence needless to say, Jungle Safari in Nepal is a rewarding experience full of absolutely rare fauna and flora to explore.
Out of the many available Jungle Safari’s, the Chitwan National Park Safari, Bardia National Park Safari, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Safari, Sukhlaphata Wildlife Safari are the frequently visited and popular safari destinations. All these national parks and wildlife areas fall mainly in the southern belt of Nepal known as the Terai which is rich in alluvial soil and has a humid climate perfect for jungles to thrive and animals to live upon.
Jungle Safari in all the routes gives the unique chance to ride on a trained elephant’s back and look out for the endangered animal species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, spotted hog, beautiful birds like the Danphe, Peacock and reptilian species like the crocodiles and the gharials. Jeep Safari, educational walks for children, bird watching, cultural treks and fishing are other added perks.
All the national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal serve the purpose of protecting the endangered wildlife species, quickly disappearing from the world. The Jungle Safari’s in Nepal gives visitors with a keen interest in flora and fauna, a chance to research, explore, and live a never before experience with mother nature at its best. So Jungle Safari’s in Nepal in recommended to every single person who craves for a beautiful yet thrilling adventure. 

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