Hiking in Nepal

Generally hiking is an easy walk to the short distance. Hiking in Nepal is adopted by those who cannot attain the strenuous journey to greater heights. Thus, hiking is preferred to do in the mid hill of Nepal which are below 3000m height. It is a starting phase of a trekking. It does not require previous experience or any kind of hard effort. Also preferable for all kinds of age group. Though, enjoying  the high Himalayas at background, surpassing the ethnic villages, rivers, high hills, fields the hiking continues. Nepal is blessed with lots of such places which provide great opportunities of hiking. Rolling up and down, bird watching, capturing the glimpse of the scenery around, the hiking is no more stressful. From March to until May is the flower season in middle elevation such as rhododendron blooms with different color that makes the environment as a garden with Himalayan view Hiking in Nepal could be of day long or the week long at various destinations.