Cliff Hanging


If you are looking for some more exciting things to do, cliff hanging is something you should not miss. It is a kind of  wild activity to do, crawling and hanging along the dizzying high cliffs. Kathmandu valley has various high cliffs, perfect for the cliff hanging.  Proximate in the distance, Nagarjun royal forest which is in northwest of Swoyambhu provides a perfect location for cliff hanging. Both beginners as well as the experienced person can try out this activity. Everything is perfectly set up ensuring with full safety precautions. Bird watching as well as various game activity can be done along with this. Another location for cliff hanging is in Shivapuri watershed and a national park. It is a great way to recreate yourself with some experience similar to adventurous trekking. Challenge yourself with the challenging rock climbings on the great cliff path around Kathmandu.

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