About Us


Bhandari Tours and Travels (P) Ltd. is a company, which is operated by experienced & enthusiastic young team.
We are a thriving company and our business has been handled domestic tours, in-bound tours, out-bound tours and domestic and international air tickets.

Our mission is to meet various customers&rsquo needs. We offer tailor-made tours including specialized tours and vacation packages in every part of Nepal.

Our conception is to provide efficient, sincere and practical services. Bhandari Tours & Travels (P) Ltd. will provide high quality experiences to our customers. Come for enjoyment and leave with joy.

We offer a wide variety of services:
&bull Airport transfers
&bull Hotel and lodge reservations
&bull Group and private tours
&bull Domestic & International Air ticketing
&bull Trekking & expeditions
&bull Meeting planning

Our Tour Guides:
Bhandari Tours and Travels (P.) Ltd. is one of the pioneer travel agent and tour operators in Nepal which is established by the team of highly experienced as well as qualified tourism entrepreneurs. The main objective to establish of this company is to dedicate the time and energy of such entrepreneurs to promote Nepal’s tourism destinations and provide travelling facilities for tourists from the glove. Our arrangement of qualified and trained Tour Guides for traveling to several historical, religious, cultural and natural spots around the country has supported to enhance the values of tours and treks in the recent days. Through our work experience in the historical and cultural heritages and monuments as well as the naturally beauty areas of the country we have collected the correct information about the history, culture, nature as well as adventure of Nepal which has been lacking in tourism Industry.
 A good tour guide provided by our company can enrich your tour experience in many ways. A part from showing you the places and monuments of historical and cultural spots, he explains you about the area, place, monuments, temples, culture, geography, local floras and faunas, teach you the Nepali language, introduce you to locals, share culture and festivals, purchasing the tickets for entry in the sightseeing spots and be helpful in a bad situation, look after logistics - like registering your details in every check post, organizing your transport weather you go by bus or by air, etc. A nationally recognized and  licensed tourist guide (licensed through two and half month long training session held by  Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel management, NATHAM) must have been graduated through globally recognized national university (e.g. Tribhuvan University TU)  and instructed in a variety of subjects including the history of the country, area and places, cultural property of different ethnic and indigenous people and society of Nepal, ecological and natural beauties of the Himalayas, hills, rivers, gorges, lakes, forests, floras  and faunas of the country including many more other important issues and situations must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview.
Our Tour Guides are experienced and are highly skilled in all aspects of Tourism industry. All of our Guides are of Government License Holder, which you will see displayed in our office. The Guides employed by the Bhandari Tours and Travels are people with a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity. Our Guides speak excellent English and some of them can communicate very well in other languages too, such as: Italy, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean etc. whom we provide on special request of our client.
Identification of Our Guides:
-Our Guides are trained, experienced and highly skilled in all aspects of Tour and Trekking.
-All of Our Trekking and Tour Guides have training certificate and Government License.
-We provided first aid Medical Kit treading to each Guide.
-They are committed to travelling in a way that does no impairment to the local environment.
-They will manage all the practical aspects of your trek and tour.
-Training undertaken by each trek/tour Guide addresses such issues as; First Aid, Eco Trekking/tour and Tourism, Altitude/Mountain Sickness and how to deal with it, and Rescue  Protocol.
-Our Guides speak excellent English and some of them speak other languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Germany and others. We supply you such type of guide as per your request and desire while confirming the tour/trek package.
-Our guide insists a deep knowledge of local culture, religion like -Hinduism, Buddhism and is keen to share their knowledge with our clients.
-Our Guide will invite you to a special briefing each evening about your program for the next day’s activities.